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Painless Process

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is a full-service debt commercial collection agency dedicated to a single objective: recovering the funds rightfully belonging to our clients. To achieve this, we provide an array of comprehensive collection programs.

Contingency Based Collections

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services offers a standard contingency based debt recovery services.

Debt Collection Specialists

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services employs only Debt Collection Specialists who are experienced and knowledgeable in the field of forensic debt collection techniques.

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services constantly strives to improve, requiring all employees to undergo training and testing. We believe the key to success is being prepared for anything that might lie ahead.

Investigative Research

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services uses the latest technologies to run in-depth commercial investigations on your debtor. Our collectors are skilled with the most up-to-date forensic skip tracing software that allows them to uncover tangible assets that the debtor will not make you aware of to lead you to believe they can’t pay.

We use all information obtained during the investigations to help the collection process and will advise you of any other course of action that needs to be taken if needed.

Credit Reporting

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has the ability & option to report all accounts to the major credit reporting bureau. Debtors are notified, giving them all the more reasons to pay off their existing debt.

Debtors often need to see actions being taken to take the debt seriously. Potential negative marks on their company credit report will force them to take the issue seriously.


At Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, we have streamlined our services to recover your past due accounts in the shortest time possible! The process to sign up only takes minutes, saving you time and frustration.

While some collection agencies may take days or weeks to get started, our streamlined system allows us to work on your past due accounts the same day they are submitted to get you results right away. We know how important time is when it comes to outstanding invoices and thus waste no time getting started.


Here are some appreciative comments from our valued clients:

“Extremely Beneficial!”

Working with Benjamin Chaise has been a tremendous help for our small company. We had a significant number of delinquent accounts, and relying on a professional collection agency rather than hiring employees, who come with the complexities of labor laws, was a wise decision. Thank you, Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services.

Ceci M.


I’ve had a longstanding partnership with Benjamin Chaise for several years, and what stands out the most is their ability to provide effective solutions to any collection challenge I’ve encountered. They consistently deliver results, and I have complete confidence in their management of all my delinquent accounts. I wholeheartedly recommend Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services to anyone in need of a commercial debt collection agency.

Roger Franco


They are a first-class company, they can recover your money even though the debtors are in another state, their methods are really good, once I gave them the information they needed, I did not have to interfere in the process, they just came at the end to give me my money.

Oscar Jones

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Skilled Debt Collection Experts

At Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, we exclusively employ debt collection professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in the realm of forensic debt collection techniques.

Debt Recovery on a Contingency Basis

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services provides standard contingency-based debt recovery services.

Cutting-Edge Investigative Research

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services utilizes cutting-edge technologies to conduct thorough commercial investigations on your debtors.

Credit Reporting Ability

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services possesses the capability and option to report all accounts to the leading credit reporting bureaus.

Achieving Outcomes

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has optimized its processes to swiftly recover your past-due accounts, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time!

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