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Unsettled debts can only harm your business. You may see thousands of dollars returned to your bank account. If you're in need of a professional debt collection and recovery expert, reach out to us!

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You can reduce the need for loans and explore alternative funding options by resolving and clearing past-due debts from your financial records. Don't hesitate to engage the services of Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, recognized as the premier commercial collection agency, to efficiently collect overdue debts from challenging debtors without the hassle.

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No need to persist in operating at a loss. As one of the leading debt collection agencies, you can have confidence in our expertise. Allow us to assist you in recovering debts you may have thought were uncollectible.

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Our comprehensive commercial collection agency is dedicated to recovering your money. Our skilled recovery agents specialize in retrieving various outstanding debts, including overdue invoices, unpaid rent, delinquent loans, court-ordered judgments, and more. Begin optimizing your cash flow today through our dependable contingency debt recovery services.

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Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is a well-regarded international debt collection agency based in Texas.

Backed by years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the collection field, Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is the clear choice when seeking the top Collection Agency in Texas to assist with your overdue accounts. Many business owners face challenges in recovering past-due accounts, often dealing with challenging debtors or time constraints. Our range of services includes standard contingency-based collections. With our extensive background in this industry and the expertise of our commercial debt collectors, we proudly position ourselves as one of the premier debt recovery firms in the United States.

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Skilled Debt Collection Experts

At Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, we exclusively employ debt collection professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in the realm of forensic debt collection techniques.

Debt Recovery on a Contingency Basis

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services provides standard contingency-based debt recovery services.

Cutting-Edge Investigative Research

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services utilizes cutting-edge technologies to conduct thorough commercial investigations on your debtors.

Credit Reporting Ability

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services possesses the capability and option to report all accounts to the leading credit reporting bureaus.

Achieving Outcomes

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has optimized its processes to swiftly recover your past-due accounts, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time!


Here are some appreciative comments from our valued clients:

“Extremely Beneficial!”

Working with Benjamin Chaise has been a tremendous help for our small company. We had a significant number of delinquent accounts, and relying on a professional collection agency rather than hiring employees, who come with the complexities of labor laws, was a wise decision. Thank you, Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services.

Ceci M.


I’ve had a longstanding partnership with Benjamin Chaise for several years, and what stands out the most is their ability to provide effective solutions to any collection challenge I’ve encountered. They consistently deliver results, and I have complete confidence in their management of all my delinquent accounts. I wholeheartedly recommend Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services to anyone in need of a commercial debt collection agency.

Roger Franco


They are a first-class company, they can recover your money even though the debtors are in another state, their methods are really good, once I gave them the information they needed, I did not have to interfere in the process, they just came at the end to give me my money.

Oscar Jones

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With our team's wealth of combined experience, we are dedicated to working in your best interest. Our experts specialize in tailoring a customized debt collection strategy that aligns with your business objectives and accounts receivable portfolio. Our aim is to boost your revenue effectively. Let's collaborate and discover the ideal debt collection service that perfectly suits your business needs.


The age at which you can still legally collect a debt varies depending on the specific statute of limitations in your state. To provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, we would need to know the details of the debt in question. It's advisable to contact us directly so that we can have a conversation about your specific circumstances and provide you with the relevant information regarding debt collection limitations in your state.

Yes, it is possible to try to collect on a debt even after you have written it off. Writing off a debt essentially means acknowledging that you do not expect to receive payment and accounting for it as a loss on your financial statements. However, it does not extinguish the debtor's obligation to pay the debt.

Yes, we can! We are an international commercial debt collection agency and can collect in any state or country!

Most likely! It's important to be aware that the allowable interest rates on debts can vary from state to state, and they are subject to state usury laws. These laws set the maximum interest rate that can be charged on a debt. If it's possible to add it on, it will be used as a bargaining tool!

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