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Who Are We?

We Are the Premier Debt Collection Specialists in the United States!

We Are America’s Best Debt Collection Specialists.

BCRS is a comprehensive, customer-focused collection agency that assists businesses across various industries in recovering outstanding debts in a responsible and ethical manner.

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is a nationally recognized debt collection agency providing full-service debt recovery solutions to clients throughout the United States.

With extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the collections field, BCRS is the go-to choice when seeking assistance with your overdue accounts.

Numerous business owners face challenges in recovering past-due accounts due to uncooperative debtors, bankruptcy issues, or time constraints.

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services addresses these challenges and other complexities associated with difficult-to-recover debts.

Debt Collection Agency Texas

Whether your debtor is uncooperative or has seemingly vanished, BCRS employs its proprietary investigative resources and a team of dedicated professionals who leave no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of the funds rightfully owed to you.

We’re Ready to Assist You

Contact us today, and let’s begin the process of recovering the money you’ve rightfully earned but have lost.

In-depth Research

Being the premier business debt collection agency in Texas, we employ cutting-edge technologies for conducting thorough investigations into your debtor’s background.

Specialists in Debt Collection

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services stands as the foremost debt collection company in the United States, staffed exclusively by seasoned professionals who specialize in the intricate art of debt recovery.

Contingency-Based Collections

We provide debt collection services on a contingency basis, meaning that if we are unable to successfully collect, you incur no charges for our standard debt collection services.


Skilled Debt Collection Experts

At Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, we exclusively employ debt collection professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in the realm of forensic debt collection techniques.

Debt Recovery on a Contingency Basis

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services provides standard contingency-based debt recovery services.

Cutting-Edge Investigative Research

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services utilizes cutting-edge technologies to conduct thorough commercial investigations on your debtors.

Credit Reporting Ability

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services possesses the capability and option to report all accounts to the leading credit reporting bureaus.

Achieving Outcomes

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has optimized its processes to swiftly recover your past-due accounts, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time!

America’s Premier Debt Collection Specialists

We’re here to assist you!