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When is the Time to Submit an Account?

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In these rough economic times, many businesses have past due accounts that adversely affect their performance. You may wonder, “When is it time to hand your past-due account to a collector to handle?” Ask yourself these questions, and if you answer yes to any of them, it may just be time to seek help from a professional.

Answer yes to any of these?

Does your debtor threaten to file complaints against you?

Does your debtor slander you about your workmanship or your product?

Does your debtor ignore your phone calls or letters?

Does your debtor make promises he doesn’t keep?

Does your debtor have other business names he might be going under?

Has your debtor told you he is going to or has filed bankruptcy?

Has your debtor moved without notifying you?

Are you unable to get in touch with the debtor in any way?

Has your debtor written or continues to write bad checks?

Does your debtor continually stop payments?

Is your debtor becoming increasingly harder to work with?

Is a lot of time being spent attempting to retrieve the debt?

Does your debtor debate the amount owed?

Does your debtor continually give excuses or try to talk their way out of paying for the debt?

Does your debtor continually make unfounded complaints about your product or service in order to get out of paying?

Is your debtor taking your kindness for weakness? Nice guys finish last; no need for you to get aggressive with them. Let us take care of business for you!

Benjamin, Chaise Recovery Services has the tenacity and skill set needed to get the results you need allowing you the ability to relax and focus on your business while we get you the lost hard-earned money you deserve.


Some kind words from our respected clients


Great company to work with. As a small company with a lot of delinquent account it’s good to know you can trust a company to collect for you instead of hiring employees who can be a big burden with all these employee laws. Thank Benjamin chaise.

Michael Cruz


Ive been working with this agency for several years now and what I appreciate the most about Benjamin Chaise is that any collection issue that I’ve had they were able to come up with a solution that gave me results. I trust them to oversee all of my delinquent accounts and recommend them for anyone who needs a commercial debt collection agency.

Andy Lockett


Exceptional collectors! 1 call from them to my debtor and my phone was ringing! 😂 I sent them right back to them as they avoided me for almost a year. And my check just arrived today. Thank you!

Rufus Martins

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