As the best business debt collection agency in Texas, we use the latest technologies to run in-depth investigations on your debtor.

Our collectors are skilled in the art of skip tracing and tracking assets. We use all information obtained to help the collection process and choose the appropriate actions that need to be taken. There are many situations where extensive research is needed:

A debtor may have moved or changed their contact information without updating you with it.

A debtor may lie about their financial situation.

A debtor may hide behind other businesses or names, anyway that will deter you from collecting on their debt.

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services does not charge extra for investigating a debtor. If we are unsuccessful in collecting, you still do not pay no matter how much time we have spent investigating a case. Do not let the lack of debtor’s information deter you from collecting what is rightfully yours!


Some kind words from our respected clients


Great company to work with. As a small company with a lot of delinquent account it’s good to know you can trust a company to collect for you instead of hiring employees who can be a big burden with all these employee laws. Thank Benjamin chaise.

Michael Cruz


Ive been working with this agency for several years now and what I appreciate the most about Benjamin Chaise is that any collection issue that I’ve had they were able to come up with a solution that gave me results. I trust them to oversee all of my delinquent accounts and recommend them for anyone who needs a commercial debt collection agency.

Andy Lockett


Exceptional collectors! 1 call from them to my debtor and my phone was ringing! 😂 I sent them right back to them as they avoided me for almost a year. And my check just arrived today. Thank you!

Rufus Martins

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